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Superstore Grandpa; I hope I see you again one day!

I was standing in line to pay for groceries at superstore today, when I noticed this Chinese grandpa behind me was struggling to unload his cart of food. So I turned around and offered to help him, to my surprise he spoke perfect English, but was super defensive. “No!” he said. :[ Gosh, that made the mood awkward, so I turned back around, but then to my surprise he compliments me, asking me why I’m so nice from behind. I was taken aback, I never considered something like this as being nice. It was a really good feeling though. So I helped him unload his cart, even though he was like - no no, I then proceeded to pay my groceries, contemplating whether I should stay to help him pack his groceries too. But I didn’t want to be intrusive and annoying, and gah, so I left. I feel so guilty, I should have stayed to help him pack his groceries. 

Note to self, help all grandpas in need!

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9 hour layover in SanFran - I hate American customs, stupid people and stupid policies :[

School starts today, omogsh how did time fly like this?

To all the 2 year promises made, it’s definitely not farewell yet

The end to the 2011 exchange adventures-

Omgosh, last full day in Japan

bought my..koutatsu! bwahah

sad about fights though :[

YG Family Concert

Best day of my life - minus the standing in the cold for so very very long 


Final trip to KGU to have lunch with Sawin and Dinner at Umeda with Bobe and Minju

Oh Bobe X]

Shinenkai with Kanae, thank you :]

Family reunion dinner :]



Rest day, did absolutely nothing :]

Disappointment from fukubukuro shopping #2, total madness

living on your own is lonely, running out of things to do


Fukubukuro shopping

Happy New Years!